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Clarinish have years of experience in making special wedding days even more perfect. They guys have played well in to the thousands of weddings, and have the knowledge of knowing what to play and when to play it in order to keep you and your guests on the dance floor all night long. 

The beauty of Clarinish is that they are probably the most versatile Wedding Band in Scotland being experts in Ceilidh Music (and Dance Calling) Cover songs and can provide the Professional DJ Service. 

Why Should I book Clarinish Wedding Band For Our Wedding?

''Look at the table below and that should answer all your questions... if not, please don't hesitate in getting in touch''. 

How long do you play for?

From our experience every wedding is different, and every client has different ideas on how they want their wedding reception to go. However, generally, if you book us we are booked for anything up to 4 hours. We always like to discuss the timings with you beforehand to ensure we provide exactly what you require. 

Could you do half Ceilidh and Half disco?

Yeah, our Ceilidh/DJ option is probably our most popular and half and half is no problem, although, we do like to gauge the audience on the night, as in, if the Ceilidh rockin, we will keep that going to keep everyone on the floor and vice versa, if the DJ set is keeping you and your guests dancing the night away, we will keep that going... However, at the end of the day, YOU the happy couple are in charge and we will make sure your happy with everything we do before we do it. 

For the DJ part can we send you a list of our favourite songs?

Yeah, absolutely no problem, theres no point in the DJ playing a bunch of songs the Bride and Groom don't like. We have a data =base of literally thousands of songs and artists and if there is anything totally obscure that we dont have, we will source it for you before the big day.

How much space do you need?

The beauty of being a duo is we can fit in to most spaces, but we will always liase with the venue so you can get on and enjoy your big day. 

How long does it take you to set up?

So, this depend's on the venue's load in, but as above, we will sort that out with the venue before hand. Generally it takes us 45mins to an hour to set up. 

What do you charge for weddings?

Well... the best thing about booking the duo for your wedding is, the price is less than booking a four/five piece band, WITHOUT loosing any quality in the slightest.

Would you play our first dance live?

Generally we are able to learn most things unless its totally out of our vocal ranges being a couple of men haha. Just let us know plenty of time in advance and we will do our very best for you. If for some reason its not possible we will play it from an MP3.

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